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Hybrid Events

Here at SoundFarm & M-Cloud, our specialist planning and engineering office, specialising in events of all types: from trade fairs and exhibitions to congresses, conferences and concerts, sporting and special events – over 3,000 events in almost 30 years.

Production Solution

Whether product presentation or summit meeting, events are one of the most effective instruments for direct communication with the target audience. Professional planning and execution is the decisive requirement for an all-round successful event. To this end, with SoundFarm & M-Cloud Services, qualified experts provide support for you. Originally, we come from the music industry – the hardest business our sector has to offer.

Sound Solution

We have long stood for comprehensive audio competence that meets every challenge, whether in music or speech. We provide perfect sound at concerts and shows, for tours or individual events, indoors and in the open-air, at industrial events such as product presentations, trade fairs, conferences or general meetings and at events both large and small in the political, cultural and social arena.

Consulting Solutions

This is also precisely the approach that we take at SoundFarm & M-Cloud Services. This enables us to offer our customers the combined knowledge of various disciplines from one supplier – adapted to your specific needs. The resulting synergies produce greater quality, greater efficiency and the highest possible level of professionalism. With SoundFarm & M-Cloud Services, you can rely on a partner that will execute to perfection everything that is needed. This is supported by our long experience including in the international field, our excellent industry knowledge, and our problem-solving competence. We are certified afresh every day in the hardest of all tests – in practice.

Crew Solutions

At SoundFarm & M-Cloud Services, everything naturally revolves around technology. Nonetheless, for us, it is people who come to the centre. Without our committed and motivated staff, even the best technology would be of little use. It is they who make your event happen, who make the equipment sound and light up. Only the people behind the technology produce occasions and experiences that move, inspire and delight our customers and their guests. This cannot be achieved by technology alone but rather only by its creative, competent and professional use. Behind all this is a well-practised team, which gives its all-time and again, for the job that has to be made into a very special event